New Hope For XRP: Will Ripple Win Against The SEC?!

Since the end of December 2020, the SEC has been at loggerheads with Ripple. The legal dispute drags on and weighs on the cryptocurrency XRP. Is the decisive help for Ripple coming now?

SEC Increases Pressure On Crypto: Coinbase And Tron On Its Compliance Radar!

The U.S. increased pressure on the crypto industry this week. Regulators sued Tron founder Justin Sun and several of his prominent supporters. Moreover, the warned crypto exchange Coinbase that it might take enforcement actions.

Bitcoin: The Measures Of The Central Banks Fuel The BTC Price!

The Bitcoin price is rallying while central banks and governments are doing everything possible to stabilize our banking system. What the consequences are, and how Bitcoin is likely to react.

Law Enforcement Crashed ChipMixer, The World’s Largest Crypto Money Laundering Service!

German and US authorities, supported by Europol, seized Bitcoins worth around $46 million In a coordinated international takedown of ChipMixer, a darknet cryptocurrency “mixing” service responsible for laundering more than $3 billion worth of cryptocurrency since 2017. The service laundered the money from illicit activities, including ransomware, darknet markets, fraud, cryptocurrency heists, and other hacking schemes.

Binance Denied Forbes Allegation Of Misused Security Deposits!

The world's largest crypto exchange by trading volume, Binance, is facing new allegations. Allegedly, Binance moved customer funds that were supposed to be used to secure certain stablecoin deposits. The procedure is "eerily similar to the manoeuvres of FTX," writes the business magazine "Forbes." Binance denied the Forbes allegations.

Financial Regulator BaFin Investigates Decentralized Crypto Project Uniswap!

A few days ago, the decentralized crypto exchange Uniswap launched its wallet. But there are teething problems: First, Apple did not approve the app, and now trouble with the German financial regulator is looming.

LBRY Credits With A First Victory Over The SEC In Court Case!

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has recently filed several lawsuits against crypto companies for allegedly selling equity-like products, i.e., unregistered securities. The most high-profile case is the SEC's lawsuit against Ripple, expected to be settled by the end of March 2023 after years of litigation.

DekaBank Selects Swiss Crypto Specialist Metaco To Manage Digital Asset Offerings!

DekaBank manages €360 billion in assets and plans to offer crypto products to its institutional clients. The German lender is joining Societe Generale and Citibank in selecting Swiss-based Metaco to develop its digital asset offering for institutional clients, according to a CoinDesk report.

Bitcoin Price Soon To Reach 200,000 US Dollars – Indicator Sees New Record High As Early As 2025!

The stochastic indicator gives a whopping growth of 189% for the Bitcoin price in the next halving cycle. Bitcoin provides "crystallized" evidence that the next record high for the market-leading cryptocurrency will lead to $200,000. As crypto trader Tardigrade predicted on Twitter on January 27, the spectacular record high is also accompanied by a new minimum price of $70,000.

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